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Something new, Something old

I was recently approached by the cosmetics brand  Carrefour to write a song for their new range. This was the first time that I was asked to write music for an advert but luckily my partner in crime, Mallum, knew just what was needed and the music was accepted.  ”L’amour et le soutien que j’ai reçu de la française a été surprenant et le plus apprécié”

So here it is…the song Auriol Hays – Beside You Master

A music video off the new album CALL IT LOVE, Anima Sola. The song is called OVER MY SHOULDERS. The new album deals with the vulnerability we all feel within a relationship.

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A Little Performance..8th June

The long and short of it is that the place burnt down! Balls! I was suppose to have a show on the 27th. Instead my band and I will be playing on the 8th of June at the Melting Pot. Now that I got that out of the way, this is what I meant to share this morning…

Maybe the problem is that I am too focused on music. Most of my life I always felt that something was missing. When Music found me – everything fit into place. I never sing my own songs when I feel off and need to unload…that would be a bit too weird! I always revert to what feels good and will leave me satisfied and whole. I got a bunch of strange emails when I casually remarked that music and performing with my band is much better than sex! Only a true artist will understand how freeing it is to surrender completely and feel no fear. That does sound cliché doesn’t it? Still, it doesn’t make it any less true.  So when I feel that need I haul out the blues and jazz standards. “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child”, ” Nobody’s Fault But Mine”, “These Foolish Things, “Summertime”, “God Bless The Child” and Ben Harper’s “I Shall Not Walk Alone” always hit the spot. Usually I sing for about an hour.  I don’t wan the neighbors to report me.

I only ever listen and sing my own music when I have to prepare for a show. This annoys my daughter. One day she walked in on me and said, “Why are you listening to yourself sing?” I carefully explained that I have a habit of forgetting my own lyrics and so listen to remind myself…not only of the lyrics but to connect with the emotions of the song. She just rolled her eyes and said, “I never want to be a singer!” to which I replied, “Well, you are in luck because you can’t sing!” I know I should be nicer but the girl was looking for trouble…

And on that gentle note if you are in Cape Town on the 8th of June . Rock up at The Melting Pot in Muizenburg. It will only cost you R50. I will be singing songs that we have never performed in Cape Town before …

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The Seventh Seal

Hallelujah! I am single after years and years of being married. The divorce wasn’t as messy as you would think. Of course the drama leading up to it was the stuff soap operas are made of. There was drama, tears, deceit, and so many betrayals. And let me not get started on the revenge bit! Ooh, the things I wanted to do! I am a Scorpio after all and our favorite saying, although we will never admit it, is this; Death is only the start of getting even! However, there was one thing that set me straight and it wasn’t my daughter, my family or even my Shaman. It was Music. At my darkest moments Music always pulled me back and reminded me that Life is filled with small moments, epiphanies, that will bring you back to your centre – if you are open to them.

As I sipped on some whisky a few moments ago, and was flooded by this feeling of Awe, Gratitude and Bliss. I know what you are thinking, “Auriol, you had one too many girl! Time to lay off on that whisky!” Trust me I didn’t even finish my tipple. Music showed me so many times that anything is possible. Sometimes I am surprised that I could forget. I am always flooded with the butterflies the day before a show.  When I am caught in the midst of them I feel as though I am about to meet my Lover and can barely think or stand still. It is a glorious feeling…

I am besieged by that feeling when I lie on the bed with my daughter and she plays me all her “questionable” music. Those moments are filled with magic because at that very second no one else on the entire planet is allowed into her space. I am there and get to share her life in a way that no one else will. When I hear her laughing, see that spark in her eyes, how can I possibly be sad or feel sorry for myself? I reckon most people lose their way when they forget that.

It would be so easy to stop believing that anything is possible after the divorce. To wallow in self doubt, negativity and just write sad songs all the time. Does this mean that I am okay? Not by a long shot. I  will still have those moments when I feel like crying and collapse in tears…when I call up Mark and dramatically exclaim, “Am I doomed to be alone forever? When will things ever be easier?” Mark has wanted to smack me straight so many times and came close on a number of occasions! However, I have something I never had before – perspective on my pain and my life.

So when those dark moments come I will play a song by Groundation called The Seventh Seal and be reminded of  my purpose…and that “Music will always rescue me”. And if that doesn’t work I will plop myself on my daughter’s bed and allow her to to share her latest boy crush band, One Direction, with me. Then we will lie on the bed and laugh and laugh. Well, she will laugh at me…and that will always be enough

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O Meu Amor

It was one of those days where I forgot everything that mattered. I meant to bring along a cd so he could listen.  I secretly hoped I would impress him but didn’t expect much. I am talking about Lionel Bastos of course.  A few minutes before I had to meet Lionel, I panicked and did something really stupid. In fact when it comes to stupid things I have done where men are concerned this is at the top of the list. I dashed towards one of the old ladies who sit next to Mc Donald’s in Town and bought  flowers. Yes, I handed the man flowers. You think it’s funny? You should have seen his face! But Lionel knew I was nervous and let it slide. By the end of the meeting I knew that I had not only met an amazing songwriter but a wonderful human being.

Now for a confession: I knew when Lionel handed me his cd and I saw the title O Meu Amor that I would end up singing the song. I just knew… and when I understood its  meaning I felt more than drawn to the song, I was compelled.  The song reeks of Desire and longing. Sometimes when I get on stage  that is all I feel… all I know

So if you would like to hear the song, click on the link   O Me Amor …oh and here’s  the English translation of the song.

My love has no reason

my love has no pride

It has only passion

But this love can never be

If you don’t want to know about it

Your love is my desire

To embrace you, to kiss you

To know your heart,

But you don’t want to know about it, my love

Night- time is terrible without you

The moon won’t let me forget

That nothing in this world pleases me

And nothing enchants me when you are not here

So I give you this song

But this love can only be if you want it, my love


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