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This is the PR version that goes out to corporate clients

Auriol Hays was born and raised all over theWestern Cape.  She grew up listening to classical music and whatever her parents liked, be it Jim Reeves or Roger Whitaker. Yet, despite coming from a musical family where mum played piano and her brothers played guitar, Auriol kept her vocal talent and songwriting disguised.

A chance meeting with a songwriter / producer brought her début album, Behind Closed Doors into fruition and lead to her first South African Music Award nomination and SAMA performance with Tumi and The Volume and Marcus Wyatt.  Her album was also chosen as one of the Top 20 albums of 2009 by the Sunday Times.

Aside from singing at numerous high end corporate and private venues, Miss Hays has since performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival inSwitzerlandand at numerous jazz festivals in and around South Africa. Her music has also been used on various movie and television soundtracks. Recently her song was used to launch the French internationalCosmeticsRange– Carrefour.

Her bands, all accomplished jazz musicians are all based in Cape Town. Her sophomore album CALL IT LOVE, Anima Sola is a raw, open love letter that delves into all the emotional intricacies and vulnerabilities one faces when love goes wrong.  The term Anima Sola means ‘the forsaken soul’ and is that dark place many people in relationships often find themselves. The track ‘A Better Man’ that’s currently making waves on national radio stations deals with one aspect of that relationship; betrayal. CALL IT LOVE, Anima Sola is available on ITUNES

This is what you should really  know about me. My version.

Ok, now for the good stuff. Come a little closer and take notes.   I am a grumpy Scorpio with a passionate (bordering on addictive) love for tv series. I have 3 cats who follow me everywhere and religiously complain about what’s not on the menu.   My daughter, who I nickname Bad Horse,  is the love of my life (don’t tell her !). When I am happy or sad it’s  Ben Harper I listen too. I love the mountains, the beach and the bush. Oh, and I always say what I mean – with or without the music

Now on to the music related stuff. I came across Sue and Andre in Johannesburg and they were the first people who arranged my music. Andre, who produced my fist album, talked me into singing  Take It Slow and Turn up the Volume (yes, those 2 exceptionally bad music videos you can view on my site). Those songs are my least favorite but I am grateful that Andre wrote them. They  have allowed me to have very interesting experiences in this industry! I managed to play at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (possibly the prettiest place I have ever seen) and many festivals in South Africa.

Two years after relocating to Cape Town I  decided to get a band closer to home. The highlight of my career being the Grahamstown Festival (my first sold out show) and the Nina Simone Introspective show. After Grahamstown my band and I did the only things bands should do after a great show – we had something to eat at boring family restaurant, the Spur! Honestly, I would fire them all except Fabian (shoo, don’t tell the rest!) Joking aside, we will play wherever we can as long as my band and I are paid well.

I am always working on new songs and nothing makes me happier than sitting with a musician who understands how I want the music to feel. The second album is done and dusted and already I have a working theme for the next one.

Full album available in stores and online

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