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Earth, Wind and Fire!

Music is not for sissies. This is the one thing I got with absolute clarity while watching Earth, Wind and Fire. One of the members, Verdine White, stepped on stage in a pair of crazy yellow and black lacy pants and shook his 60 year old ass at the crowd. And dammit all – we loved it!! He rocked the fook out of those pants and everyone in that hall. I still have not recovered from that ass shaking or their brilliant performance…

So many questions tumbled through my mind as I watched them. I wondered if I could ever rock a crowd like that. I knew the answer the minute the question popped out of my mouth: not yet…As much as the entertainment industry, Idols and law of attraction would like us to believe…not everything can be achieve instantaneously.  There is no substitution for  experience, hard work and mad talent.

That’s why I don’t like it when people rattle off my supposed “achievements”. Heck, I don’t really think I should be called a jazz singer. I am not worthy of that title – yet. How can I be when I have Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone and Anita O Day at the back of my mind? The Earth, Wind and Fire concert left me asking important question: What do I have to do to be my best….

These days all musicians talk about is how to brand themselves, generate more hype and get more fans. Everyone has a strategy. Get seen here, wear this, get into that car and then post it online so people can admire you or at worst be envious.

I am tired of it all and tonight I was reminded of one pertinent fact. I have to remember to get on stage, have fun and not be worried about notes or my big boobs popping out of my dress. I have to trust myself enough and get comfortable in my own pair of yellow and black lacy pants.

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