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I Belong to You

So many people ask me about the music industry and how to get in. It seems everyone is trying to get somewhere. When it comes to music the one thing that is vital is that you love what you do. I always made it a point to write a new song everyday. And for three years that is what I did. Lordy, lord I loved every second of it. The good, bad and even the terrible songs. I would spend hours just writing music…and forget to bath, make food and occasionally feed my cats…lol! While I thought it would be nice to have a record deal, I never made it my goal. I just enjoyed where the music would take me.

Here’s a secret…my record label turned me down the first time I went to them! Chris, the boss, asked me a series of questions. I walked away from the meeting realising that my first passion is song writing and that I have so much to learn about performance and just being around people in general…lol! So that is what I did for nine months. And when I was done learning – they found me. I was ready.

Still I am surprised by how many things musos get wrong. We are talking about basic things here. Musicians don’t register their music, don’t do homework about what’s going on in the industry or take any kind of advice. The one thing I do know is that I always want to get better at what I do. So if anyone has anything of value to say I will hear them out.

People love making fun of old Lady Gaga…and sure is a weirdo. But I must admit I like the balls on that chick. She is out there – just being her weird old self and working it. I reckon it’s easy to sit there and judge, “Those musicians are so shit! My music is better.” It’s easy and those who do are just being bitches. There is more than enough space for everyone.

Still, if you want to make a go of it there are basic things that you need to think of. The one issue I always had was whether my music would sound outdated. I must admit I worked with one musician and thought, “Hell this guy is going to create music that sounds like it is stuck in the 80’s” And I was so glad to be proved wrong. I guess that is what I love most. Being around musicians who are so talented and don’t mind working their asses off. It is very inspiring.

So if you want that record deal then don’t waste your time hanging with no good friends and getting drunk at bars – go out there and graft. It’s that simple.

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