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If you want to feel fat, gross and completely inadequate – go to Montreux! Everywhere I looked all I saw were thin, really good looking people! And if they weren’t thin they were just too comfortable in their skin. Yes, it made me sick…lol! Having just come back from Switzerland I am left with so much to think about…

The one thing I have asked myself continuously since seeing Ben Harper live is this; will I ever be at ease with myself and my audience the way he is? Some things you can only learn with experience or with a mentor. Having had none of those and always being thrown in the deep end always made me feel as though I am missing something. No, this is not a bitching or pity party…I am just sharing how I honestly feel.

Montreux was a fantastic musical experience but in my mind it was not good enough…I was not good enough. I would grade my performance as slightly above average. So now I have no choice but to start from scratch again. And that requires some deep thought about what does and doesn’t work not only in music but in everything else.

Sure, I have a few ideas floating around …but the one thing that I have asked my “people upstairs” is this; that they send me help asap. I am hoping to I run into people or read articles that spark ideas. All I ever wanted as far as my musical career is concerned…is to always improve and Montreux made me realise that I need to be, give and do a lot more…

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