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Automatic for the People

The entertainment industry is littered with addicts. Kate Moss gets busted on camera. Charlie Sheen acts like an asshole and no one blinks and eye. People will make all kinds of excuses if they think you are talented enough or if they can get something out of you.

My daughter is a big Disney fan. She loves all the shows and all the actors. When Demi Levato ended up in rehab I read an article to her and said, “Lovie, this girl is an addicts and has some serious problems.” I didn’t sugar coat it and say, “She has emotional issues” or some crap force fed line. I talked to her about the basics – what makes people do the things they do. Being able to understand and empathise with people is very important, I kept telling her. Along with learning how to pick yourself up of course…

So just why do addicts upset me this much? It has to do with control. I like being in control of my life and seeing people who are everything but just really pisses me off. That certain industries make it more acceptable is even worse.

Last night a little girl sat in my lounge and said very excitedly, “I can sing and dance too!” Hmm, I thought. I would rather you learn be a decent human being first. Then we can talk about singing and dancing…

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