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Awareness through music


I do not listen to the radio or watch TV… that much. Sure, there are the odd programs that I love to watch but a great deal of my time is spent alone and silent…without music, tv or friends for that matter Some have found this very odd. Listening to music to distracts me.. If I listened to one of my favorite musicians I would spend at least an hour doing just that. And the reason why I don’t ….is because I need to focus on what’s important to me….I can’t really do that if I am distracted by music or TV. It is a sad fact that many people are so entranced by entertainment – that very often everything else gets put on the side burner. And honestly who wouldn’t be entranced…..there are so many juicy stuff out there to keep us all stuck to the TV and pc. It’s ironic though…all those actors on the screens work bladdy hard to make their dreams a reality – yet the majority of us waste out time living vicariously through them.

I spoke to my daughter about her love of TV recently. I tried to get her to see that all the kids she sees on the screen work their ass off…..but in the end all they are doing is imitating reality….Well, she still loves to watch her favorite shows…but she has started writing her own stories also. I find this encouraging….

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