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Some Place Simple

I have always loved reading horror books and I reckon it is the cause for the blood lust in my music. “The world changes, we do not; therein lies the irony that finally kills us” says Armand from Interview with a Vampire. Who says horror movies don’t give you something to think about?

Armand wants Louis because he needs a link to the age he is living in. How many of us do not need the same thing? I thought I too needed a Louis when I first got into the music industry. There was so much uncertainty. Hell, I thought I needed so much back then. It’s funny what you discover along the way….

Does this mean I don’t take guidance? Oh no. I always listen. The one thing being a mother taught me is that I don’t have to agree with anything just because it was said by someone with greater authority. Anyway, I have always learnt faster through experience. And that has meant falling hard on my ass at times…lol!

My husband annoys me (for a variety of reasons) but mostly because he is always listening to millions of artists. The words I dread hearing are “Take a listen to this artist”. I say dreaded because he is a weirdo and most of the music he suggests is just down right weird. Still the one thing I have always admired about him is that he is never scared to try new things. So I reckon he would make an excellent vampire. You could drop him in any age and he would adapt.

As much as we hate to admit it – no one knows everything or even that much really. At best we know little about little. The only way clarity comes is through experience or by falling short of your own expectations. And when that happens all it takes is time. Time to reflect and change your direction. Most of us find change so scary and the inability to adapt can and sometimes does kill us…

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