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Lars and the Real Girl

You read all kinds of crazy stories if you hang out on the web long enough. “Man marries his cow” or “Man wants to marry his Christmas tree”.  Sometimes you have to wonder what the hell’s going on with some men these days. I really liked the movie Lars and the Real Girl, simply because it raised some  thought provoking questions about what is regarded as real or having value. To those mad men that tree and cow most certainly have value…lol!

I think that we are all guilty, to a certain extent, of falling in love with an idea. Right now I am besotted with the idea of cooking and baking. So much so that I have a book and pen right next to the TV in case I see something juicy on the Food Channel. But let’s face it – not all ideas should be pursued. Some ideas are just bad through and through. If you are not careful they cloud your thinking making it impossible to act decisively.

Just the other day I spoke to Jen, the Shaman, and she showed me how to deal with those pesky ideas that give me no peace. “Let’s give these thoughts a form” she suggested. The image of a turkey came to mind. The second I saw that ugly turkey and was able to associate all the negative thoughts I had with it, I burst out laughing! In that instant the power the thought held over me was gone. I could always threaten that turkey with Gordon Ramsay if I needed to…

This last year has been the most stressful and successful I have had to deal with. On the music front it has been great. I can proudly say I sang in front of 15 000 people and was not that scared. The best gig was not Montreux but singing on a game reserve for 6 days. I have a few plans  – which include a new album and a new baby. But right now I must be honest and say that I Love the Food Channel and all its sadistic cooking shows. Seeing those turkeys get stuffed, pricked, sliced, diced and eventually eaten is deeply, deeply satisfying…

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