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Mean old world..

Sometimes all we need is someone who can listen. It seems like such an obvious thing to say…“someone who can listen”… but not everyone can listen. Some people are so wrapped up in their own drama that they can’t hear, while others just won’t hear you when you talk about certain things. Now this does not make them bad people they just won’t be the ones I call when I am in a jam! And when I am having a super bad day the last thing I need is someone telling me what I should and should not do or feel. Seriously I am old enough to figure that one out myself! All I need at that moment is the space to say it and feel it. My sister and I often call each other up just to let off steam. She will go on and on about whatever guy is bugging her and I just listen and laugh. It is a system that seems to work well for us because we both know that no matter what happens – there will always be someone who can hear us out.

Finding people you trust is always tricky and the one thing I learnt is that those remarkable people do not come along often. I know people who walk around with their septic issues for years and never share it with anyone. I also discovered that we all have a bit of a Jesus complex going on. We all have that one person we want to rescue, help or just be around even though they are beyond redemption…lol! And if you think about it – it really makes perfect sense. If you are busy saving someone else you never have to look at your own issues. You never have to deal with what’s wrong in your life or the things you need but won’t allow yourself to have. And this is where the quality of “your people” really matter. Can they hear you? Do they have empathy? In fact can you hear them out….do you have those qualities that you seek in others?

I hate it when the things I write sound too esoteric because I know that having a truth and living it happen to be two different things altogether. Again it is tricky finding balance and in this mean old world it is the one thing that all of us struggle with….

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