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Justify My Love

Most people feel bad about sex – whether they are getting laid or not. I know of people who had a threesome and felt terrible about it the minute it was over…lol! Or others who get lust and love confused. Some of cling to the notions of “the one” and vow to save themselves for that special person. I don’t really care either way. I have only one rule and that applies to everything, sex included. You have to make a choice that you can live with – a choice that works for you. And that may sound easy but it really isn’t…

Most of us, when we start having sex, are keen to try out everything! But as you get older, and if you are lucky to have a partner you trust, you can perfect your blend of Kink. I can hear some people saying, “I would never do that!” “That’s just dirty and wrong!” I have only one thing to say to those people. Sex is supposed to be FUN! Something so very ,very,very enjoyable…

Personally I think that sex is an evolving experience. Look, if you are still having the same sex as you did last year and not enjoying it – then clearly something needs to be done. My advice – get your girls and go to a sex shop. Have a laugh and get curious. Get the toys, buy the clothes and own your sexuality.

In my mind…making love…is like singing a really good, slow song. You savour each word….take the time to feel it out and let it reach every part of you before you let out a single sound. If done properly it can be transcendental. A friend of mine once complained to me, “Auriol, I need some freakiness and this guy is not doing it for me!” And we are all guilty of not saying what we want or need – more so when it comes to sex.

Now even this can be turned on its head if you just chill out. Demand, shout, hit, hurt, twist…there are so many endless! But most people would just deny that they are the freakiest of freaks. They wait to be drunk before they confess their “dark” desires. What a waste of time!

All they have to do is own it, work it and have fun…

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