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The Fourth Kind

I remember watching The Exorcist with my mother (during the afternoon) and being scared shitless. Of course she did not explain a single thing to me after watching the movie. I also don’t think I slept very well that night either. And so it started…my deeply passionate love affair with the supernatural. Many years later and a brief stint in a witch’s coven only intensified that feeling of excited curiosity.

There are questions that I still don’t have answers to… For example how do the Muslim community deal with things that go bump in the night? What rituals are involved? Don’t even get me started on the Tokoloshe stories I heard from some of my friends….

Having just watched The Fourth Kind I am left with a “hmm” feeling. I remember a friend in high school once telling me that there are no aliens. It’s just the devil messing with you! I taught my daughter that there is no devil – just the power of collective belief. And that collective belief houses all our fears that gets mirrored back to us.

I love teasing her by saying, “Come – watch a horror movie with me.” I know she will run to her bed immediately…but I knew she was ready to watch The Craft a few days ago. Sure she a little scared but I turned down the music just a bit. The next day we talked about paganism and spells. And she got what I was talking about. Although she is getting sick of my “lectures” she says…lol!

The movie The Fourth Kind ends with the words “In the end what you believe is up to you.” I think I will tell my daughter that but I am certain she will find a way to turn that against me somehow…

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