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Devil Woman

I swear too much when I am upset, excited or drunk. This is true for most people on the planet – I’m convinced of it! And if you ask my band members they will tell you that I do swear too much especially on stage. My one friend once remarked, “I don’t drink or smoke. I go to church and put up with my in-laws. Swearing is all I have left!” I packed out laughing when she said this because I knew she had one foul mouth …lol!

I get that have to behave ourselves at times. Judge a situation for what it is and act accordingly. Sometimes I just think we are all so reined in and tied down..and those little swear words give us a bit of breathing space. Personally I do get tired of always having to be nice to everyone. Granted I am nice but heck man -  it is not possible to be nice and diplomatic all the time. Honestly some people should just be told to fook off and die…

Of course I don’t do that! I don’t have to. Ask my band members about a certain tango song called By The Light of The Moon. I get to kill this one b***h over and over again every time I step on stage. I get to work out all my anger issues in a safe environment. It’s a thing of beauty really.

Everyone should find a way to channel those darker emotions. The world would most certainly be a safer place…but this does not mean I will stop swearing altogether. Hell no…I am just too good at!

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