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Come Home To Me

There’s so much I have to share about the song  Come Home to Me.  Of course I knew of the Arctic 30′s  plight and Greenpeace’s stand regarding drilling in the Arctic.  Many friends and even my very insane Father was appalled (he was swearing in the lounge) when news of their arrest reached us. I watched like so many others  did – detached; a mere observer. The turning point came when I was asked to write a song. How could I, a musician who knows so little of politics and (ashamedly even less about issues concerning the environment), write the kind of song that would reach not only the protesters and their families but anyone  would listen?

This bothered me a bit until I remembered to skin walk. No, I am not referencing a bad horror movie. It’s a technique I use when writing music. I  closed my eyes and for a second imagined (and became)  whoever I need to become…their Mother, Father, Lover, Friends… What would I feel? What would I say? I also didn’t want the song to be too optimistic. I knew that if I were at home waiting, I would be racked with not only doubt but a deep longing. I wouldn’t be able to sleep and would sit by the phone, my eyes glued to the television. These were the thoughts that rumbled through my mind as I sat with Andre at his keyboard. The song was completed in less than an hour.

Knowing there’s one person who believes in you – no matter what is said and done. One person who will always fight for you. One person who will never leave your side…It makes the world of difference. I knew that their family and friends are..and the entire Greenpeace organisation will always be by their side – regardless of the outcome. It’s from that space that the song was written and honestly, it is one song I am immensely proud of..

If I could say anything to the Arctic 30 directly I would say this.

“You might not always feel brave. In fact you may experience moments of utter panic (as I do whenever I have to cook or ride a quad bike). It’s human. But to thousands out there you are more than brave. More than courageous and stronger than you imagined you could be. And whenever I sing this song – I too am right there, at your side,..with your friend, family..and thousands of other people who have your back. And all we wish and pray for is your safe return.”

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