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Don’t let me be misunderstood

Stupid things happen all the time but really dense things happen when alcohol and guns are involved. I got to see this first hand when two guys started fighting and one pulled out a gun. The police and three ambulances were on the scene within minutes. Luckily both parties were only slightly injured. But do you want to know what the silliest part of it all was? The source of all this ruckus and mayhem was a TV remote.

Now I won’t lie….I took cover the minute I heard Jackie shout (fearlessly), “Put away the gun!” Haroun and I found a safe hiding spot at the back of the kitchen during the madness. Did I mention that Jackie did this while the gun was pointed at her? Now that I am safe and sound under a lovely green blanket certain thoughts come to mind.

We all know stories about people who do silly shit because they couldn’t think straight. Most of the time I have laughed at those very stories….but when you are part of one…well, suddenly things are just not as comical anymore. When something happens that rattles me I always ask myself one question, “What did that teach me?”

I overheard a guru saying that every person is your teacher…..through every encounter something valuable can be learnt….even the animals and insects have messages if you pay close attention. Those two guys reminded me how important it is to feel. We live in quick fix society where everything is processed and ready to deliver. I told Ben (the barman) that those two men were bound to find each other. Nothing he could have done would have changed that. Sometimes the only way people find clarity or uncover a deeper truth about your self is through an experience like this. This gun fight reminded me that I don’t fear death….what I fear is being misunderstood.

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