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Black holes and revelations

Today I feel like the Grinch and instead of driving my neighbors crazy and stealing their stuff I think I will stay in my house until it wears off. I am having one of those days where I doubt just about everything. And just to let you know how out of sorts I am feeling…I can’t even decide what food to give my cats…lol! A while back someone once told me that doubt stops you from becoming complacent; it keeps you on your toes. On days like today I wonder if there is any truth to that…

I will be honest and say that bright and breezy people annoy me. I look at them and the following questions comes to mind….Are they on something? Do they know something I don’t? Are they in denial about the super kakness of their lives and can only cope by putting on a smiley face? Or are they just plain stupid? And what is really sad is that all those questions tell me is how I really feel about myself. They are clues that tell me how I perceive things and people. What I can say without any doubt is that lately my perception has been off. That has been the bane of my existence so far… if my perception is off…how I view events and people will be off…and what I consider truth could be wrong…and all the actions I took as a result of that truth are…off. And that, my friends, leads to more doubt and is the reason why I will be staying in my bed with a book today.

I need to find clarity …so Muse, Radiohead or any blues music is out of the question. No weed, alcohol or chocolates either. I think I will call up my sister instead, put on my serious depressing voice and listen to all her crazy drama until this passes.

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