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No prayer like desire

It’s so silly this notion that we can have whatever we desire whenever we want it. Maybe those reality TV shows and the Law of Attraction is to blame. I just think that there are so many other things that have to be taken into consideration before jumping on that I-want-it-all-right-now- band wagon. This is what I have observed… there are things (of the messy and interesting kind) we have to go through before we can get those things we want.

With my music career…all I really ever wanted was the ability to write and sing my own music. Sure, I wanted money and all that crap but my first priority was always to simply to sing and be heard. I then had the pleasure of working with talented musicians who taught me to trust myself enough so I could sing fearlessly. Now there are many things I do not know about the music industry (and I am sure I will learn it) but I know that I am not scared anymore…and that I have nothing to prove to anyone. The only question that ever lurked in my head was this: What can I do today to get to where I need to be. Once I know what I could do (no matter how small the action) I would do it. And this is the approach I will continue to have.

Call it God or the Universe….but there is an intelligence out there that knows when you are ready to take the next step. There was a time when I tried my best to get my demos out to record companies….and strange things would always seem to happen. The CD would rock up there smashed in pieces or the address would no longer exist. After ensuring that I packaged the CD correctly and had the right address – still nothing happened. So I stopped trying that hard and got on with living my life and enjoyed simply being a musician. Then the miraculous happened. The record company found me. Just when I gave up all expectations the things I desired found me.

Now I wake up every morning excited about my life (our new house, the album launch, doing gigs) and do small things to keep me on track. And if some desire finds me along the way – fantastic! But I am done with all that trying and wishful thinking.

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