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Awareness through music


It’s just not okay to be yourself. That, in my mind, is the pervasive message plastered all over the media. Turn on your TV, page through a magazine – being poor and average looking is just not on. This is what struck me this morning as my daughter watched Forbes List of something-something. “Mummy, I’m just waiting for another program to start.”

I knew she was talking nonsense. After all I have seen her watch this Forbes character many times before. There is nothing wrong with having aspirations. I most certainly would not be a professional musician if I didn’t have them. The idea that you should always be more is what really gets me.

A few weeks ago I came home with a weave. I was curious so I gave it a go. “Do you think I should keep it? I asked my husband. “Well, you do look nice” he said. I promptly removed the weave. Dammit all, I have enough body issues already. I don’t need to add to them, I thought. Besides I like my short hair – especially after Bianca got her hands on it.

And I would be lying if I said I am unaffected by the images I see in the media. So much of the entertainment industry is rooted in fantasy and illusion. I am portrayed as being uber stylish on my CD. The reality, of course, is just the opposite. On most days you will find me in jeans, coat and hat that I prefer to hide under. A few months ago a kid casually remarked, “You don’t look the way you do in your music videos” “They gave me long hair”, I replied.

I just didn’t have the time to explain to this 11 year old that the entertainment industry is all smoke and mirrors. Have you seen the cover of my CD? Lord, I look positively Asian.  What’s so wrong with my short hair, big boobs and round figure?

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